How do I change home language in ATS?

Review and save the DOE Policy and Reference Guide for Multilingual Learners/English Language Learners (DOE credentials required) for future reference.

Below is the guidance for changing a home language in ATS. Note that schools are not able to make the change themselves.

When you observe a student with an incorrect home language, submit a Mojo Helpdesk ticket with the complete, original Home Language Identification Survey (HILS). If you submit a different HLIS form, be sure it contains all the requisite information. Before submitting a ticket with the HLIS, perform the following check(s):

  • ​​Is the student an ELL? Use the BIND screen in ATS to see if the student currently has a LEP flag.  Go to the third row in the first column and see if there is an entry next to LEP.  If it is blank or an E, the home language can be changed.
  • Did the student take the NYSITELL or NYSESLAT? Check the testing history for the student using the HISE function under the HIST screen in ATS. If the student has a testing history, you cannot change the home language to English. The student must test out.
  • FOR NYSITELL administration only: Did the deadline to administer the NYSITELL pass? Check ​the BIOD screen in ATS for the admission date. If 30 days have passed and an answer document does not print, the student cannot be given the NYSITELL and will automatically be eligible for the NYSESLAT. It is NYCDOE policy to serve the student at Entering until the student gets an updated English proficiency level from the NYSESLAT.
  • Review the HLIS before sending it to us, to ensure it is complete. It should contain the parent/guardian survey (signed & dated) and clearly indicate the student name, OSIS, school DBN, staff member conducting the interview, date of the interview,  signature of interviewer, whether the student is NYSITELL eligible, and the two-letter home language code desired on the form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

We can only process home language changes once we've received a complete Home Language Identification Survey (HLIS). 

The HLIS should capture the following details:

  • Student name
  • OSIS #
  • School DBN
  • Home Language Code
  • Complete Parent/Guardian Survey
  • Parent/Guardian Signature
  • Interviewer's name and title
  • Interviewer's determination on whether the student is NYSITELL Eligible or English Proficient