Reference theĀ DOE Transfer, Discharge, and Graduation (TDG) Guidelines for general guidance on how to discharge students. If the student(s) is not yet of compulsory school age, reference theĀ Clearance of Register and Non-attending Students document for recommended intervention/outreach to students/families.

The Charter Schools Office serves as the approving office for certain discharge codes (namely 12 and 39). For approval, the required documentation is listed in the TDG guidelines; also reference the one pager below. For most discharges, we require the planning interview form, so please ensure that's submitted. Here's the link to the DOE page that has sample letters, PIF, and more resources: https://infohub.nyced.org/nyc-doe-topics/Policies/discharges/planning-interview-procedures

Once you have assembled the discharge packet with the required documentation, submit it to our office via a Mojo Helpdesk ticket.