Follow the transfer/discharge guidance here to properly discharge these students after a thorough investigation to ensure their welfare: DOE Transfer, Discharge, and Graduation Guidelines (TDG). If the student(s) is not yet of compulsory school age, reference the DOE Clearance of Register Checklist and Non-attending Students document for recommended intervention/outreach to students/families.

Be advised that the CSO serves as the approving office for certain discharge codes (namely codes 10, 12, 02, 38, 43, 25, and 39). Once you have assembled the discharge packet with the required documentation, submit it to our office via a Mojo Helpdesk ticket. These discharge codes cannot be processed until our office receives this documentation.

  • For Clearance of Register, when a student is a “no show” (i.e., no positive attendance), the earliest, effective discharge date is the first day of the NYCDOE school year (September 13). Discharge codes 39 and 12 require approval from the CSO; reference the TDG for required documentation. Outreach beyond email and phone calls is necessary for our office to approve the transaction. Whether you use code 39 or 12 depends on whether the student is above or below compulsory school age.
    • Above Compulsory School Age: student turned 17 before July 1, of the current school year.
  • For example, in school year 2022-2023, a student who is above compulsory school age turned 17 on 06/30/2022 or earlier even if they turn 17 after that date.
  • Students have the right to stay in school until the end of the school year in which they turn 21 or until they receive their HS diploma, whichever comes first. When a student is above compulsory school age and stops attending, the school should follow the Planning Interview Process to discuss a plan to potentially get the student back to school or find an appropriate placement to continue their educational journey. Visit the DOE Planning Interview Procedures page on InfoHub for details.
  • Below Compulsory School Age: student turned 17 after July 1, of the current school year OR is younger than 17. Reference the Discharge Code 12: CSO Overview and Template guidance document.

Here's the link to the DOE page that has sample letters, PIF, and more resources: https://infohub.nyced.org/nyc-doe-topics/Policies/discharges/planning-interview-procedures

To ensure schools have the most up to date information when investigating no-show students and conducting planning interviews, charter schools are encouraged to do these interventions as soon as possible. Do not wait until the end of the year to investigate or hold a planning interview for a student/family. Once you have assembled the discharge packet with the required documentation, submit it to our office via a Mojo Helpdesk ticket.