How do I get ATS/Famis/CPS access?

Users must first be on their DBN’s Galaxy Table of Organization and have a DOE email. 

Please fully complete these forms, signed by the principal or director of operations.

Submit DOE systems access requests for ATS, CPS, or FAMIS to

Please note that you cannot do an online IDM submission for ATS, CPS, or FAMIS access. It will not process. You must email your forms to

The Systems Access team is experiencing delays in responding to systems access requests. Requests will be processed as quickly as possible given the volume received. If you still don’t have access after two weeks, follow up with and two days later, submit the original and follow up emails as a ticket in Mojo Helpdesk.

Please note:

ATS account becomes inactive after several months of nonusage. You will have to resubmit the forms to to get access again.

Each time you switch schools, you will receive a new email and need to resubmit ATS access forms. Your ATS username does not follow you to your new school.