How do I get SESIS access?

Charter schools determine who has SESIS access by adding the relevant SESIS role to the user on the Galaxy Table of Organization (TO). Please work with your Galaxy table maintainer (usually the principal or director of operations) to ensure they assign you the necessary permissions. You would then access SESIS using the same DOE credentials:

Common errors:

The most common cause of widespread inaccessibility to SESIS (or DOE emails) stems from the Galaxy Table of Organization (TO) not being certified at the beginning of every month. Have the TO maintainer (usually the Principal or Director of Operations) confirm that the TO has in fact been certified. If it has not, please certify and staff members should regain access instantaneously - resetting passwords may be necessary.

Also, please note SESIS access is assigned via the Galaxy TO, please also check in with the TO maintainer to confirm you have the necessary permissions. Under Assign Roles, Charter Teacher - Special Education, box needs to be checked.

Are you able to log into your DOE email with no issues, but not SESIS? If yes, then try this:

  • Clear your cookies before trying SESIS again:¬†
    • Try both with CENTRAL\ and without it (and only input [user ID] in USER ID field).
  • If that doesn't work, call DIIT 718-935-5100 and ask them to fix your SESIS only because you can access your DOE email fine, but not SESIS.