How do I reset my DOE email/SESIS/Galaxy password?

Charter schools should use this website to reset your password.

To reset the password to your DOE/SESIS/Galaxy login (which is all the same DOE credential), follow the directions as written below to reset your DOE password via the Password & Profile Management tool. (Reset the DOE password before attempting to access Galaxy, SESIS, or other DOE systems.) The DOE password must be reset every 90 days for security purposes.

  1. Visit: 
  2. Click Forgot Password  
  3. Enter User ID – User ID (User ID is your DOE email without
  4. Follow instructions to: Reset with secondary email OR Reset with security questions. 
  5. Reset with personal details is not available to charter school personnel
  6. The secondary email is your email from the Galaxy TO; your principal or table maintainer can confirm if you have multiples or are unsure. 
  7. Click Reset Password

Criteria for new DOE password:

  • Must be different than previous 4 passwords 
  • Cannot be the username/User ID 
  • Minimum length – 8 characters; Maximum length – 16 characters 
  • Passwords must contain characters from three of the following four categories: 
  • Uppercase letter A through Z  
  • Lowercase letter a through z  
  • Number 0 through 9  
  • Nonalphanumeric characters: ~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|(){}[]:;"'<>,.